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    Sharon Ausbury, Principal
    My name is Sharon Ausbury, and I am honored to be the Principal of Trinity Christian Academy. I began my adventure into education when I graduated from Evangel University with a degree in Music Education. For many years, I managed my own piano studio. But God had other plans for my life. In 1988, He called me back to school, and I graduated from the University of Houston in 1992 with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education with a Reading Endorsement. I moved from the Music classroom to the regular classroom, where I taught Kindergarten, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. In 1998, God called me into Christian School Administration, where I have served ever since. I ministered as the Head of School at Grace Christian School in Houston for two years. In 2000, my husband was transferred to the Cleveland, Ohio area where I served as the Principal of Chapel Hill Christian School for 16 years. God brought me to TCA in July of 2016. I believe that a Christian school must provide an education for its students that is academically excellent and spiritually strong. All subjects, from Math to Physics, must point students to our Transcendent Creator – Jesus Christ. I love Colossians 1:15-17 – “He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him, all things hold together.” This is the foundation – the starting point- for all education. When students from Christian homes attend a Christian school and a Bible-centered church, they breathe the same air wherever they go. What Mom and Dad teach at home is reinforced when they go to Sunday School and by the teachers that pour into their lives during the day. They are not exposed to teachings that contradict God’s Word. God’s Truth becomes firmly planted in their hearts, and their Faith becomes strong and resolute. When they go off to college, they are prepared to give a reason for the hope that lies within them. They have an understanding of who God is so they can face the challenges of life with a confidence and assurance that He has the answers to whatever they need. It is a sacred trust to be a part of this process. My husband, Dennis, and I have one daughter, one son-in-law and one grandson. We are blessed to be here in San Antonio to be with our family. When I am not running the school, I like to read, attend concerts, cook, and watercolor. I am learning to be a Spurs fan. But, my favorite thing is to be Mimi to my little grandson.
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    Jeanette Brown, Kindergarten
    My name is Jeanette Brown, and I am blessed to teach kindergarten here at Trinity Christian Academy. I always knew I wanted to work with children in one way or another and went to the University of Nebraska at Kearney to become a teacher. I graduated in 1997 and have been teaching Pre-K to 1st grade ever since. I landed in Kindergarten, what seems like a million years ago, and found it is my favorite grade to teach. I love teaching all subjects but especially reading. In 2008, I graduated with a Masters in Reading from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I married my wonderful husband, Travis, in June of 2015, and we are expanding our family by fostering to adopt. I can honestly say that fostering to adopt is one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I have loved every minute with my children and would not give back one day. When not at school I enjoy reading, spending time with my family, and traveling to the Colorado Mountains every summer. When you walk into my classroom you will notice right away that it is very colorful and focused on the children in it. I have student artwork everywhere, their names are in several places, and there are lots of things to do. My room is a safe place for the students to learn in and to express their feelings. I believe that learning should be fun, loud at times, and sometimes messy. I feel it is my job to not only teach academics, but to also teach my children about God and His love for us. When my student’s leave my class not only are they fully prepared for first grade, they also have developed a true love for Jesus. I love teaching at Trinity Christian Academy because it is my second family. When I came to teach in 2004, I knew that God put me here for a very important reason. I love knowing that my co-workers, students, and families are praying for my day and my personal needs. I believe that Christian Education is successful when the parents, the church they attend, and the teacher are all on the same page and teaching the same principles. I truly feel this is what we do at TCA.
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    Kay Williams, First Grade
    I am Kay Williams, and I am the 1st-grade teacher at Trinity Christian Academy. I love children, and I love to teach them. I have taught for over 25 years at various grade levels, which include Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade. I have a BA degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio and am working toward my Master’s Degree. I am married to Sanford Williams who serves as one of the Associate Pastors on the Trinity Church pastoral staff. We have two amazing children and five delightful and talented grandchildren. My classroom has several dimensions which I work very hard to maintain. First, on my list is Biblical integration into all core curriculum. The understanding of Jesus and His teachings is mandatory for building a strong foundation for children. Secondly, I want to instill in each child the wonder of learning, the joy of wanting “to know.” That is accomplished by having lessons that interest and challenge each student. Thirdly, my mode of behavior modification is based on I Corinthians 13 which is the Love Chapter. Everything we do or say should be exemplary of the Love of Jesus. I am very dedicated to the mission of giving children the very best academic education and equally as dedicated to teaching them the Bible and how to put the Word of God into practice in their lives. I teach because it is my vocation and my avocation. I am passionate about the classroom and try to make it a place that each child looks forward to attending. I try to create a homelike welcoming décor. The classroom also includes a Science research center to encourage experimentation, an art center to encourage creativity, manipulatives to encourage students to engineer various creations and a Math Center to encourage problem-solving.
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    Noemy Rico, Second Grade
    My name is Noemy Rico, and I teach 2nd grade at TCA. I graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2011. I am married to my wonderful husband, Vince Rico, and we have a sweet little girl named Hadassah Hope Rico. I enjoy reading, painting, serving in my church and going to the park with my family. I love teaching because I enjoy investing in the next generation and teaching them about God’s word. I strive to have a welcoming and loving classroom. We engage in fun hands-on activities that reinforce our daily lessons from Bible all the way to Math. Teaching at Trinity Christian Academy is a blessing. We strive to foster a family environment and an open door policy. We have a wonderful staff and all the families that choose Trinity Christian Academy as their home are welcomed with open arms. We aim to lock arms with parents to help shape and encourage their children in the ways of the Lord and academic success.
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    Patricia Martinez, Third Grade
    My name is Patricia Martinez. I am married and have two grown daughters. My family and I love the Lord, and we have attended the same church since 1983. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education with a Bilingual Endorsement from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. I have been ministering at Trinity Christian Academy as a third grade teacher since 2005. While teaching at TCA, I have enjoyed the closeness that is shared between the faculty members, the administration, and the Academy families. My favorite part of teaching at the third grade level is introducing the Writing Process. Through the Writing Process, the students learn the steps of writing book reports. They enjoy the special projects they experience when presenting their reports to the class. Some of the book report projects include poster board reports, dioramas, “Book in a Bag” and dressing up as American Heroes.
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    Jill O’Bryant, MS Language Arts, Math & Bible
    My name is Jill O’Bryant, and I have been teaching at Trinity Christian Academy since 2015. I grew up right here in San Antonio. I always loved kids and had an interest in teaching. After graduating from MacArthur High School, I attended Lubbock Christian University and received my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. My teaching career started in 1997 here in San Antonio for NEISD at Northwood Elementary. I am married and blessed with a daughter and a son, both who attend TCA. I love shopping and decorating on my off time, and enjoy indulging in the Hallmark Channel. The actual ‘classroom’ can be a very important part of a child’s learning experience. My classroom is structured but welcoming. I work hard to know each of the student’s personalities and God-given talents in order to help them succeed in the classroom. I enjoy using games to help them learn and absorb the content, making it fun for them and me! My favorite part of teaching is watching the students grow in confidence through the school year and having a relationship with them even after they leave my room. TCA is a wonderful place to teach. The small classes help me provide differentiated learning for all the students, which is very important to me. And finally, the other teachers I work with day in and day out give this place a true family atmosphere.
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    Sharm Jefferson, MS Math, Science & Bible
    My name is Sharm Davis. I have been a part of the Trinity Christian Academy (TCA) family since 2012, first as a parent and now as the middle math and science teacher. I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from the University of Texas at San Antonio, my Master’s in Public Health from American Public University, and I will soon have my PhD in Public Health from Walden University. I love teaching at TCA! The students are exceptional young people, who love Christ and enjoy learning. My classroom aim is to facilitate learning through opportunities that allow students to engage in hands-on activities and practical application of concepts. In addition to being able to share Christ with my students; my favorite part of teaching at TCA is the liberty that I have been granted to expand the learning environment of my students beyond the context of the classroom. As a TCA parent and teacher, I believe that TCA is much more than a school; it is a home away from home in which students are genuinely cared for and dearly loved.
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    Laurie Nowak, Fourth Grade
    First of all, I want to say how blessed I am to be a part of this amazing TCA family. The Lord has blessed me with my wonderful family, which includes my daughter, Christie, who is a nurse in the US Army. I grew up in a Christian home here in San Antonio. I earned my undergraduate degree, a B.B.A., at Baylor University in 1975. (Sic ’em Bears!) Eventually I went back to school and earned my Master’s in Education (M.Ed.) in 1994 at Texas State University, along with my Texas Teaching Certificate in 1995. My teaching career began in the Harlandale ISD at Scheh Elementary in 1995. In the years since them, I taught all the grades from 1st grade through 8th grade in the North East ISD here in San Antonio until I retired in 2014. I love music, and I am a vocalist and pianist. Trinity Baptist Church has been my home church since I was eight years old. You can find me worshipping there every Sunday and Wednesday, singing in the Chorale. In addition, I am the Social Director for my Sunday School class, so I get to plan the parties. I also joined the Divine Divas chapter of Red Hats two years ago, and am the Social Director for our group, also. Fun! My go-to place for vacation is the mountains of New Mexico, which is my respite from the craziness of city life. I love teaching because I love kids. After I had retired from public school teaching, I truly missed kids and the classroom, so here I am! It is essential that our classroom feel like a safe place and that learning can be fun. My classroom is often filled with laughter, but yet educating my kids and teaching life lessons, as well as academic curriculum with excellence, is my daily objective. I focus on extending beyond the rigor of the lesson to help my students discover how any lesson can apply to their lives now and prepare them for what lies ahead. There is always a clear vision of where we are going and how to get there. And there are guidelines and expectations in place, which the kids are aware of from Day 1. After teaching in the public school system for 23 years, it is a joyful experience to be able to teach in a Christian school. The Lord has been my Saviour since I was eight years old, and I strive daily to be a Godly woman and to manifest the traits of a Spirit-filled woman in my classroom. How refreshing and uplifting it is to begin the day-everyday-praying with my kids and being allowed and encouraged to integrate Biblical precepts and Biblical characters and stories in my lessons and classroom discussions. It is a gift! On a personal level, the staff, administration, and parents at TCA are the absolute best I have ever worked with. They are a lovely and loving group of people, and TCA is a remarkable place to work.
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    Brenda Hollowell, MS History, Math & Bible
    My name is Brenda Hollowell. I began teaching in 2017 here at Trinity Christian Academy. I believe God has called me into teaching to minister love to students while encouraging them to reach their potential. Learning is such a personal journey, not every student is learning on the same level nor do they all have the same learning style. It is my job to find out each student’s learning style and ensure they are given the tools to succeed. My favorite part of the job is finding ways to individualize learning so each student finds their ‘Aha!’ moment. Since students need three exposures to new information before they can commit it to memory, I try to vary the methods in which students receive information. We do pre-reading, take notes with note takers and graphic organizers, and turn important information into games. Students look forward to learning when learning is in the form of fun, and that is what we strive to do here. Students will be challenged to think critically, learn to work with others, and will be encouraged to present information to the group in an informative manner. Trinity Christian Academy fosters a safe learning environment which encourages teachers to design creative learning methods. At TCA, we are a family that can laugh together, cry together, and most of all, pray together. It is a wonderful experience being able to pray over the students and allow them to pray for one another. TCA fosters an environment of academic excellence while building Christian character in our young people so when they leave this place they are equipped in the knowledge of truth and ready to serve the Lord where ever He calls them. I earned my BBA at Wayland Baptist University and am currently working toward my MBA with a specialization in Project Management. I married my husband in November of 2000, and we have two wonderful children who love and serve the Lord with the individual gifts He has blessed them with. There is no substitute for Christian education. Being challenged academically with biblical world truths integrated into learning provides children with a well-rounded experience and prepares them to hold fast to these truths as they grow older. For this reason, my husband and I chose to invest in sending our children to Christian private school for their entire academic careers. Because of the education they have received, they are strong in their faith as well as in academia. When I am not working or going to school, I enjoy spending time with my family outdoors and reading a good book from time to time.
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    Lynda Angeleri, P.E. Teacher/Tennis Coach
    I have had the honor to minister at Trinity Christian Academy as the P.E. teacher /tennis coach since 1998. I saw this school birthed through a vision/dream of 4 godly women at Trinity Church (where my husband and I been attending since 1980). We have had so many blessings from being knit into this body (both church and school). All four of my children attended Trinity Christian Academy. The special flavor of 'family' is something I especially value about this school. I love sports and have a desire for our students to develop healthy, active lifestyles. I grew up (more or less) on the tennis court since my dad was a tennis pro. My husband has also chosen to get his tennis credentials after a career in public education. Together, we coach the TCA Tennis Team. My P.E. classes are focused around learning different sport skills throughout the year. We also incorporate a unit on Bicycle safety. We have a couple of days when students bring their bicycles to school, and we enjoy riding around our beautiful campus. We also work on jump roping and have a Jump Rope Club as part of our afterschool sports program. I am able to help our students work on physical coordination as well as sportsmanship - getting 'tools' into their hands as they learn to compete in this world with a Christ-like mentality. My main ministry focus is praying over our TCA families. As such, I help coordinate our Moms in Prayer ministry, which meets weekly. We expect a 100-fold return on our faithfulness to intercession for our students, faculty and families!
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    Diane Boren, Librarian
    I began serving at Trinity Christian Academy in 1990, the year my son began attending school here. My daughter began attending TCA the following year. I have served at TCA in many capacities. I began with after school care and helping in the cafeteria. I soon became friends with the librarian, Mrs. Harmon, and when her aide left I stepped in to take her place. I am now serving as the main librarian. I have also worked with the Summer Camp Program at TCA. At the age of 16, I gave my heart to Jesus and began my walk with Him under the Pastoral leadership of Chuck Smith at Calvary Chapel Church in Santa Anna, California. I grew up in Southern California, but I married a “Texas guy” in 1972. This eventually resulted in us moving to San Antonio. I now attend Community Bible Church. My background prior to TCA has included ten years in Banking which resulted in being a department head and two years as a Preschool teacher. I enjoy working with children, love to read, and find joy in leading others to Jesus. My job is a joy and a blessing here at Trinity Christian Academy.
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    Andrea Claybrook, Registrar
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    Jaime Bailey, MS Domestic Arts
    My name is Jaime Bailey, and I am the Domestic Arts teacher here at Trinity Christian Academy. I grew up in San Antonio and graduated from Mac Arthur High School. I went on to college at Oklahoma Christian University where I received a bachelors in Elementary Education. Right after high school, I met my husband, Ben, and we were married in 1999. We have three children who have all attend TCA. I have 10 years teaching experience in elementary school, preschool, and tutoring. I was thrilled to come into the classroom part time teaching Domestic Arts. What a joy to combine two of my favorite things - homemaking and teaching. I am so blessed to share these passions with my students. Domestic Arts is an elective class where students explore the many facets of maintaining a home. We learn how to cook, sew, clean, babysit, basic household economics and budgeting, party planning, etiquette, and so much more. Students learn very practical life skills that they will need in order to successfully live on their own someday. My class is full of fun and hands-on activities. Being a part of the TCA family is truly a joy. I love working in an environment where God is the center, students are loved, and parents are a priority.
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    Oriana Valdez, Front Desk Receptionist
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    Alejandra Gallardo, Student Accounts Representative
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    Ivette Velasquez, Music/Spanish Teacher
    Blessings, my name is Ivette Velazquez. I have a passion for teaching Music and Spanish. I believe that every student is unique and special; a fingerprint of God. I strive to make a difference in each student’s achievement by integrating music into every area of education. I aim to make music class a fun and hands on experience with different instruments in the classroom. I possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Music Education from the University of Puerto Rico; a BA-BS in Business Administration and Human Resources Management from Colorado Technical University, and a PhD in Christian Counseling. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Music Education from Liberty University. Music is my passion, my second language. In my classes, we work on the National standards in music that bring out creativity, movements, music reading, and singing. Our 4th graders concentrate on recorders in preparation for 5th grade Band. The curriculum for music at TCA is rigorous and provides multicultural experience for the students. Spanish is a beautiful language to learn. It can open many doors and opportunities for our students. TCA has integrated Spanish in their curriculum for Elementary and Middle school grades which enables students to learn the language from a beginner’s stage and accelerates to advanced Spanish in 6th, 7th, 8th grades. The use of great books, emphasis on pronunciation, pictures, games, flashcards, dialogues, pantomimes, conversational Spanish and grammar are part of this great curriculum. I am elated and ecstatic to work for TCA because the academic standards are set high and Christian Character is cultivated. TCA gives me the freedom and opportunity to praise God, pray, meditate in God’s word and talk about God’s great love and creation. TCA has an excellent, professional, caring and loving Staff and a passionate principal that has great love for everyone.
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    Karen Silvia, Fifth Grade
    Welcome to Trinity Christian Academy! I am Karen Silvia and am thrilled to teach 5th grade here at TCA. My husband, Mitch, and I are members here at Trinity Church. We have four children and 5 grandchildren. I attended both Texas A&M and Texas State University where I received my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an endorsement in Reading. This is my 17th year in education with the first 16 being in the public school setting. I have taught 3rd- 5th grade during my first 12 years as a teacher and spent the last 4 years as an Instructional Coach. As a teacher, I partner with parents in preparing my students to grow into knowledgeable, prepared, and productive citizens- academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. I want every child to recognize their God- given gifts and talents and to confidently use them to enhance our learning community and others. Together, we will learn, grow, and celebrate our successes. I strive to provide engaging lessons which pique my students’ interest and help them to see the relevance of what they are learning and how it applies to their own lives. We will utilize authentic brain- based learning experiences and a variety of learning styles to promote critical thinking, reflection, and creativity. After working in the public school arena for so long, I love that I now have the freedom to integrate God’s truth and His character with all the academic disciplines. Children (and teachers) no longer have to compartmentalize their learning and their faith. As a parent, a verse that I hung onto is Deuteronomy 11: 18- 19-- “ Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; …..Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” It is an incredible privilege, and responsibility, to be able to extend this verse into my classroom on a daily basis.
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    Di Quarles, Computer Teacher
    I have been blessed to be a part of Trinity Christian Academy since July 2000. I began as a librarian and then became the Computer teacher for 2nd through 6th grade in 2012. I also teach Distance Learning classes, and I am the Health Coordinator. In computer class, students learn how to be good digital citizens. We cover many aspects of computer technology, including typing, coding, G Suite, Office applications, and how to search the internet safely and efficiently. These subjects are taught through age-appropriate activities. What I love so much about working here at TCA is the wonderful support from my fellow teachers, staff, and administrators. It is true that there is a wonderful family atmosphere here. We really care deeply about our students, parents, and each other. What a blessing to see students grow over the years and see them succeed in a variety of disciplines. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior as a freshman in high school. I graduated from Pacific Christian College, now Hope International University, with a BA in Christian Education. I have been married to my wonderful husband Howard since 1982. My family also includes two grown children, Katherine and Jonathan, and an adorable mutt named Milo that we took in from the street. I currently attend Trinity Church and serve on the worship team behind the scenes in the sound room.
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    Mariannee Towner, Athletic Director
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    Annette Runion, Art Teacher
    Hi y’all! I am Annette Runion, the Art teacher. I am a proud San Antonio, Texas native along with all of my family. I have a fabulous husband of 19 years named Whit. He is my High School sweetheart, and I am living the fairy tale story! We have two children, Alex (18) and Evelyn (13) and they keep us on tip top toes and the edge of our seats. But, what a blessing to have two healthy and thriving youngsters. We currently attend Community Bible Church. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree in 2004 from UTSA while simultaneously raising our first child. After staying home several years to raise both of them, I was privileged with my first opportunity to teach Art at Trinity Christian School in 2009. From the moment I stepped onto the campus, I felt the authenticity of our school community. The Administration, faculty, staff, parents and students have brought me abounding joy throughout the years. The Trinity Christian Academy Art philosophy is about encouraging our students to appreciate Gods creation, past and present. Students learn how to engage in the gift of creativity God has provided in a safe and loving environment. It is our hope that our students can find God’s unique beauty within themselves and in every situation. Students not only learn how unique they are, but they also learn to embrace other cultures and how to communicate their testimony in words as well as through their art. We know it pleases God immensely when we create works of art to glorify Him. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” I am grateful for the privilege to teach at Trinity Christian Academy and look forward to helping our students grow to see the love, joy, and beauty in every piece of art they make.